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Counseling Office

Hello from the Ocean Shores Counseling Office!

My name is Mike Gomez and I am happy to return again for the new school year.  As a counselor I work with a talented group of support services personnel at our school.  Working with the school psychologist, vocational specialist, school nurse and a variety of great community resources, my focus is assisting students with outside issues which may affect their academic progress.  

Our goal at Ocean Shores is that students will meet their graduation requirements and have an ability to implement a course of action which will move them successfully toward their future aspirations.  Students are invited to participate in supportive measures which take place in individual and group formats.  The counseling office is open during school hours to assist students and their parent or guardians with all things related to academic, psycho-emotional and vocational well being.  I look forward to working with the Ocean Shores community again this year.

Counselor Mike Gomez
Counselor Mike Gomez